Visual facilitation

Would you like to transform your organisation, stimulate new ideas and generate solutions? Visual facilitation is a powerful tool that make complex issues more comprehensive and facilitates collaboration in co-creating environments.

Graphic recording

Would you like to turn an event such as a conference or a meeting into an insightful experience? With the use of text, graphics and visual metaphors, I create an on-the-go visual that increases the engagement of participants and transforms your event from an “ok” to a “wow” experience.

Visual storytelling

Are you looking for new ways to increase the visibility of the message you want to communicate to the world? Visual storytelling will bring your message across by placing your audience at the heart of the story and allowing them to  “feel and envision” what you want to say. I design hand-crafted videos, presentations and infographics that stand out from the rest. 


How can you incorporate visual thinking in your life or your organisation? Visual thinking is a tool that can be mastered by everyone and can serve as a new grammar to overcome language barriers. I give trainings in visual notetaking and presentations, graphic recording, visual storytelling and on how to apply visual thinking tools in meetings and teams which will help you broaden your communication skills and reach a wider audience.

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